SPRINGDALES SCHOOL PUSA ROAD The Inter-house Song Festival was held at Springdales Pusa Road on the 12th of May, 2017. Over 300 students of the senior school presented a musical extravaganza-‘International Cultures through Music.’ The songs were sung in various international languages reflecting the diversity in the world. The melody ranged from the peppy Iranian to French to the rhythmic Afro English songs.

The Chief guest for the event was Prof. Ojesh Pratap Singh, Faculty of Music and Fine Arts, University of Delhi. The panel of judges comprised of Mr. Neeraj Manchanda, an architect with a love for music, Mr. Ravi Susan, a guitarist from the Rock Band ‘The Identity Crisis’ and Ms Agui Panme, Former member of Nagaland Chamber Choir. The students also had the pleasure of witnessing the musical renditions of these great artists.

The Principal, Mrs. Ameeta Mulla Wattal, along with the guests and parents appreciated and encouraged the budding artists. All choir groups gave a mesmerising performance and awed the audience with their melodious voices. The Hindustani Classical presentation ‘Chotta Khayal and Tarana of Raag Bageshri’, a solo presentation, by Ananya Pyne of Std VI was applauded by all. Aditi Dureha, the Music Coordinator of the school added charm and melody to the festival with her enchanting solo performances.

The Peace House choir was adjudged first followed by Endeavour House and Equality House.

The festival was a delight with music being an expression of love and oneness binding us all.