SPRINGDALES SCHOOL JAIPUR The Annual Winter Carnival was held at Springdales School, Jaipur on 24th December 2017. The entire school wore a festive look with a joyous sprit of celebration.

Springdalians poured into the school dressed in fancy dresses ready to take
control of their stalls. The spectacular day witnessed stalls by different classes.
There were a games of skill and chance like Throw,Lucky Six,Luck by Chance,Hit
the Target,Ring the Stump,Balancing the Coin,Coin in the Bucket,Loom Bands ,
Magic Pot,7 Pins ,Tattoo,Ring a Tree,Tattoo, Bahubali, Pop the Can, Stop &
Throw,Spin your Luck, Success Slide, Magtrick, Gun for Fun,Nerve Testing,Rifle
Gun Balloon Shooting,Place the Coin, Play the,Music/Hit and Win, Mehandi
Corner & Bowling Can+ Bit Coins.

There were stalls of mouth watering yummy eats like Pav Bhaji, Pani Puri,Ice
Cream, Noodles, Cup Cakes, Muffins and Pattys. There was dance and music, fun and frolic and the entire day was filled with  jubilation and enthusiasm along with a sense of togetherness.