SPRINGDALES SCHOOL JAIPUR It was a momentous moment for our school when THE INAUGURAL Y KUMAR MEMORIAL DECLAMATION CONTEST was held . The contest has been named after its FOUNDER MANAGER, MR. YUDISTER KUMAR. Springdales Jaipur wanted to start this literary activity, to set landmarks in the annals of Jaipur Schools’ history.

17 leading schools , like SMS, MGD, IIS JAYSHREE PERIWAL etc., with 34 speakers spoke on topics such as ” Breaking down walls between nations is ‘ passe ‘ . We are building them. Comment. ” Freedom of expression must be absolute . Comment “.

The programme commenced with the School Chairman , Adml. Madhvendra Singh speaking about the occasion and paying his tribute to Mr Y Kumar.

The judges were leading educationists. The school choir rendered a melodious Swagatam song.

The prestigious Y KUMAR RUNNING TROPHY was bagged by Jayshree Periwal School.  ​​Springdales School , Jaipur did not contest for the trophy. However, Prachi Gauba of class XII was presented with the Consolation prize.

The awards were sponsored by the OSA, who have supported us all the way .

The whole event went by the clock , and was greatly appreciated by guest students and teachers for our school’s warm hospitality , and fine tuned organization .