SPRINGDALES SCHOOL DHAULA KUAN Special Exchange Programmes lie at the heart of Springdalian curriculum and ethos; encouraging the students to think beyond boundaries for a greater mutual understanding and exchange of cultures.

A special assembly was organised by Springdales School, Dhaula Kuan on 6 th February, 2017 in the Hall of Friendship and Peace to welcome a delegation of 34 students and 4 teachers from THE EXPERIMENTAL SCHOOL of the CAPITAL NORMAL UNIVERSITY, BEIJING, CHINA under the ‘HEART TO HEART AGREEMENT’ with the GOVERNMENT OF CHINA a 21 member delegation from Springdales School, Dhaula Kuan visited Beijing in October 2016.This was a reciprocal visit.

The Heart to Heart agreement aims at promoting mutual understanding of each other’s culture, way of life and education system as well as building confidence and friendship between the people of two nations.

The guests were welcomed by Dr. Jyoti Bose, Principal, Springdales School , Dhaula Kuan at a special assembly. Speaking on the occasion she said that there is no better learning and understanding than travel which allows us to discover, explore and connect to people of varied cultures. “Children are the link to world peace – and they do not hold any barriers in their heart ’’, she added.

Celebrating peace, togetherness and friendship, the school choir took the audience on a musical odyssey through the rendition of the song, “The Rhythm of Life” that teaches us to lead our lives fully, with passion and tells us to be happy in all situations as everything is transient.

Senior school students presented an article on Indo-China Friendship , focusing on the fact that China’s and India’s friendship dates back to ancient times and the two nations will continue to be the two major forces calling for a multipolar world and the main engines driving world economic growth.

Celebrating the diversity and abundance of Indian heritage, the students of the Senior and Junior School enthralled the audience with their Bengali Dance and Hindi song ‘Aayi Rut Suhani Aayi’.

The guests transported the audience to the land of tea and silk with their mesmerising song and Fan dance. Earlier in the day, the guests were taken for a round of the school. They attended workshops on Madhubani art and appreciated the richness of Indian culture. They also visited the Junior School to gain knowledge about the Indian system of education. The visit concluded with presentation of mementoes to the Chinese ambassadors of peace and friendship.